Saturday, August 31, 2013


Not wanting to go into details at the moment, but I'll just say it is not looking good, and it is pretty safe to assume that this cycle did not work.  I'm putting that here to hopefully avoid too many people asking me about it, cause I'd kind of rather just think about/talk about other things.  I have a lot of thoughts and emotions around where I'm going next, but I'm not really ready to share them.  Instead I'll share a list of things that are nice, and make me happy, right now, at this very moment:

  • A surprise box of Jones Chips arriving this morning from my dad, which while it may not sound like much, is actually very much
  • I have a new nephew - just a couple of days old.  Babies are bittersweet for me, but of course I love him so much already, and I can't wait to meet him and my new niece soon (welcome to the family Garrett and Blake)
  • Three day weekend full of time with my husband and just the right amount of time with friends
  • Getting a chicken coop built today
  • Breakfast in bed from the best husband ever
  • Resilience