Thursday, August 15, 2013

Retrieving Eggs

I've reached the point in this cycle, after 8 days of stims, where I am rather uncomfortable.  Like your stomach after a giant Thanksgiving dinner, except in the ovaries, and not going away in an hour (leaving plenty of room to fit pie).  So, that.  I am taking the day off work tomorrow just because it's been hard for me to get comfortable just sitting at my desk and moving around when I need to.

I am also exceptionally tired.  In addition to all the reasons one might normally be tired due to an insane increase in hormones and a busy life, I have had 3 appointments this week in San Francisco in the 7am hour (Mon, Wed and Thurs).  This means a 5am alarm going off, a blood draw and ultrasound, then a full work day.  Since my injections are at 10pm, I haven't been able to go to bed especially early to make up for this.  Last night I really could barely keep me eyes open to make it to 10, and in fact didn't.  I napped between 9 and 10, did my shots drowsily, then went to bed.

So, tonight I trigger (an extra large dose of Folistim, as well as my dose of HCG) at 8:15pm for egg retrieval on Saturday morning at 8:15am.  I have to be there 45 minutes early for prep, and will likely be there for at least a couple hours.  The egg retrieval is the bit that is basically a surgery.  I will be not awake.

I will find out how many eggs they got as soon as I wake up.  Then they call the next day and tell us how many fertilized and what time our transfer will be.  The transfer will be sometime on Tuesday.  At that time we'll find out how many made it to day 3 and how they are doing.   So, that's the plan as it stands.

In other eggy news, we got baby chicks!  They are adorable, and they actually grow and change noticeably day to day.  I decided that they are the ultimate fertility symbol and thus can only be good luck.  And in a couple of months they will give me delicious delicious eggs.

  (We got them on Saturday, this was taken on like Monday, and they are already SO much bigger and have SO many more feathers!  They are currently working on sprouting tiny tail feathers.  Adorable!

Also, my friend Amy made a comic that has me in it!  Comic Sharon is quite depressing, I have decided, but she's allowed to be.  Guess which one I am ;) and then go read the rest of it, cause this is just the first bit and it is very very good and not all of the people are as depressing as I am.

That's all for now.  Does anyone care to see my calendar that tells you when things happen, which is mostly just when I have to take what medicine over the next weeks?  If you do, let me know and I'll post it.  If no one does, I won't bother...

Laters.  My lasagna is ready.

Edit: At least Carla wants it, so here it is!  The crazy IVF timetable!  If you need help interpreting it into English, just lemme know.


  1. I agree, the chicks have GOT to be a good omen!

  2. here a chick, there a chick! ;)