Tuesday, August 27, 2013

About Me - an Infertility Timeline

There's this thing I look for on every Infertility blog I visit and it is always the first thing I want to see, before I dig into the meat of the blog.  It tells me everything I need to know to prepare myself.  It isn't something my family and friends will care so much about, but I can imagine I'm not the only infertile person cruising around the Internet who has this habit and who needs to know, before committing to reading, where this person is on her journey and how, in that very particular moment, I'm going to feel about it.  So, what a shame, I realized recently, that I don't have such a thing on my blog.

Funny thing is, it used to be that if I saw a list on a blog that looks anything like mine below, I would run run away because it seemed too sad and didn't provide the hope I was looking for.  Now, if this is what I see, I feel like I've found a kindred spirit.  When I see anything near this length, but with a nice BFP at the end, that's the best!  Thees days that's the hope I'm looking for.

Anyhow, I'll continue to keep this updated, and it is linked on the sidebar over there to your right.


TTC since 06/10
Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility

03/12 - IUI #1 - BFN
04/12 - IUI #2 - BFN
05/12 - IUI #3 - BFN
06/12 - IUI #4 - BFN
10/12 - IVF #1 (3dt) - BFN
12/12 - FET #1 (3dt) - BFN
03/13 - FET #2 (5dt) - BFN
08/13 - IVF #2 (3dt) - BFN
12/13 - FET #3 (3dt) - BFP  (Beta #1 - 15dpo, 12dp3dt - 150, Beta #2 - 18dpo, 15dp3dt - 665, Ultrasound at 6w2d measured 5mm and heartrate of 120
Ultrasound at 7w1d measured 9.5mm heartrate of 119
Ultrasound at 8w2d no heartbeat.
MUA at 8w3d.
7/14 - IVF #3 (5dt - two fresh, one frozen) - BFN
11/14 - FET #4 (3 blastocysts - all chromosomally normal) - BFP (Beta #1 - 18dpo, 13dp5dt - 983, Beta #2 - 20dpo, 15dp5dt - 2160.
Ultrasounds at 6w3d, 7w3d and 8w3d all showing normal heartrates on 3 embryos, one of which is about a week behind in size.  Reduction 1/21/15.
Lillian and Matilda born 7/17/15 at 36 weeks 6 days. 

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