Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Boy

Remember Sassy Magazine?  Well, I sure as shit do!  Not only do I remember it, but I still have two prized possessions from Sassy.

1.  My copy of this issue, in great condition:

2.  And this record (they were completely my favorite band at the time, so I was pretty psyched):

Can you now guess exactly how old I am and precisely who I was in junior high/high school??

Anyhow, Sassy had a column called "Dear Boy" wherein you could write in and ask a real live boy real questions!  And by real live boy, I mean real super-awesome alterna-famousish-men!  Here's a bunch of the columns, actually, if you want to read them.  My boyfriend forever Greg Dulli is even in there.

Dear Boy...that's what we're about to be doing here.  This super-awesome alterna-famousish man is gonna answer your questions!

I keep asking Ian if he wants to write a post on the blog, because really this is OUR journey, not just MY journey, even if a lot of what happens is sort of happening to me.  His answer is usually some sort of a "not really" kind of response, mostly because he doesn't know what to say or how to format what he might want to say and he's just less of a writer type than I am.  So, I asked him tonight how he'd feel about answering some questions and he dug the idea.  I just thought that some of my readers might want to know what he thinks/feels/has to say about some of what's been happening with us, and I'd love to give him the format he needs for sharing some of his thoughts and feelings.

So, please please, ask him some questions or give him some ideas of things you might like to hear from his point of view.  You can post them in the comments here, or on the Facebook page  or to twitter or just in an email (which I'm not gonna link or type out cause duh spammers, but dearanxiety at gmail), if you'd rather be more anonymous.   Look at him sitting there, all serious-faced, waiting to hear from you.  Don't leave a bro hangin'.


  1. Oh this is super super super exciting! :D
    Okay, now I'll think of a question.... stay tuned...

    1. Loving the alterna-famousish jacket, by the way.

      I know it's totally open-ended, but I'm curious as to what his role is in all of your health stuff. So he has to inject you in the bum, right? But you do the belly stuff? and aside from that, does he come to every single appointment, or how does he decide which to attend?

      There you go. I tried not to leave a bro hangin.

  2. um, basically exactly my age? and exactly as cool as I maybe wished I was in middle/high school?

    Question for Ian... How do you stay connected to/engaged in the process?

    something S and I talk about a lot. And I keep trying to get him to write blog stuff too, he's more of a writer than I am but not so into blogging...