Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ian is Smarter Than I am

Ian and I had been wondering from what point in our cycle is the % of success close to 50%.  Do 50% of people who start a cycle have a baby?  Or is it more like close to 50% of people who make it to transfer with super awesome embryos like ours have a baby?  So, today I found the page with all these very specific statistics about our clinic (linked if you are interested).  Of course, these are just averages and may have nothing to do with what our specific doctor thought our chances were in our specific case.

Anyhow, I sent it to Ian.

"Interesting.  Yet frustratingly empty of answers as to what is happening for US!" says Ian.

Instantly summing up my life the last week of frantic and near constant Internet searching.

Why is he so much smarter than I am?

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