Thursday, March 15, 2012

two week wait

OK. My first try at IUI is done, and now I am just hanging out here in the dreaded Two Week Wait. Two weeks between the insemination and when I can find out if it worked or not. I am not going to test early because it would be pointless. The hormone in the trigger shot is the same hormone pregnancy tests look for, so a false positive is almost guaranteed. So I wait. I'll be given a blood test by UCSF two weeks after the IUI and if it comes back positive, they'll do another one two days later to make sure the levels are getting higher, not lower. I have a poke and prod appointment one week from the IUI. Not sure what they'll be looking at then.

In terms of how I feel about it - I don't know. I think I'm sort of assuming it didn't work. I definitely will be more surprised if it did than if it didn't. Again, I know that's sort of self-preservation. So, that's fine.

The procedure itself went fine. Ian was very proud that he had nearly 60 million super fast active sperm AFTER they were washed and the slightly less fast ones were removed. You want to have 5-10 million at least. He was all big chested excited, which is hilarious. I was like, "they obviously aren't that great, since they haven't gotten me pregnant yet, dude!" Everything went well...I had responded to the drugs just as they want. It was crampy and not entirely pleasant, but I was OK. So, yeah. Just waiting.

Oh yeah, also, if anyone ever tells you, "I'm going to use a metal speculum without lubrication. But I will put a little warm water on it!" don't accidentally think that the water might help in any way. It's gonna feel just like you might imagine a metal speculum will feel without lubrication.

In the meantime, I have the pregnancy hormone coursing through me from the trigger shot, so I feel like I'm getting a mini preview of some of the things I might experience when I am actually pregnant.

1. I will crave eggs and then feel nauseous after eating eggs.
2. Very tired. All the time.
3. Cry easily. I am NOT normally a crier, but today I have cried twice already. First, I cried at the end of the final episode of the first season of the TV show Parenthood. I couldn't find a screenshot or video of it, but if you've watched the show, it was the part when they go to get Amber from the truck stop after she's run away.

The second was when this song came on while I was driving to work:

Phew. To be fair, that song is horrifically sad to me, for a variety of reasons. But I have listened to it dozens of times before without crying.

Otherwise, all is well. My belly is still a little bit sore. But totally tolerable. And I am ready for the weekend. One more workday for the wicked. Aka me.

Also, we signed all our loan paperwork yesterday - we close on Friday and already have an appointment to pick up our keys Friday afternoon and we move into the house on the 31st. That is all hecka exciting!


  1. Best luck to you guys! I hope the move goes well too.

    You reminded me that i've not had a 2 week wait, more like 5 day wait. and that there's probably something wrong with me and i need to go to the doctors again and stop putting it off.


  2. Hi! Will be thinking of you! I know none of this is fun but you are being a champ. So excited about your new place- congrats!!