Saturday, March 24, 2012


Every month I want to ask everyone I know who has ever been pregnant how they knew - what it felt like - what symptoms they had when. And every month I don't ask anyone, cause I am embarrassed by my neediness. And because I also know that it doesn't matter. We are all different. And just cause it'll make me feel better when some people say some things that I am feeling, it doesn't mean that I am pregnant because I am feeling them. I am. Or I am not. Nothing I can twist around in my head changes it either way. And what I am tempted to ask for merely is helping me twist things around in my head.

Then again, whatever gets me through the day.... right?

So, go for it! Here on this no holds barred blog o' mine I'm gonna ask. If you are currently or have ever been pregnant, what was it like for you? I swear I will not use your words to help me go insane! At least, not much. I am genuinely curious.

I am currently having cramps. Which I am presuming to be a slightly early onset of my normal menstrual cramps. But I also know that you can feel cramps when you are at a very early point in a pregnancy. So, that's what has started me down this path this month.

Did you have what felt like menstrual cramps at any time in your pregnancies? What did you feel?


  1. The first time I had an IUI I started feeling crampy and thought it hadn't worked. As you know, it did work, just not for long. So cramps don't negate pregnancy. I also had sore boobs, which is also a menstrual symptom, so it really is a guessing game until you can take a test.

  2. I had cramps for sure. With my first, we had gone camping, and I was crampy & miserable the whole time. I was getting annoyed that it was going on & on and I wasn't getting my period. As soon as we got home, before even bringing anything in from the car, I took a pregnancy test & it was positive. (I think it's the implantation that makes you really crampy.)

    The other big sign I had before getting a positive test was being extremely tired. The first time I thought I was getting sick. I just had that tiredness that usually tells you a cold or some illness is coming, but I never got sick.

    Those were my most prominent symptoms for the second one as well... I just recognized them better. Other symptoms like sore breasts and nausea didn't come until a couple weeks after the positive test for me.

    1. tiredness is also happening for me this i can barely stay away past 9:30 at night...then somehow i'm still tired at work the next day. fingers crossed, i guess. if i am pregnant, i clearly have basically the exact same symptoms as you!

  3. I never got cramps, but I did get tired and constipated. I never really got cramps with my period so I didn't think much of it. The fatigue hit me hard, tho.

  4. I don't remember cramps (until like a week later and then I was cramp, do ultrasounds to make sure everything okay cramping... which they said were the ligaments stretching). My first symptom (after having a cruel nurse at the doctor's office 2 days prior that I wasn't pregnant) was extremely tender breasts. Very tender. And they didn't let up forever. I always got extremely tired but was an insomniac at night from the moment the 2 lines appeared. However, with our second, I didn't feel at all pregnant. We were trying to get pregnant but I didn't have one symptom until I took a test like 5 days after my period was supposed to start and there were a bright 2 lines. Then I got exhausted :).

  5. I had cramps very early. I also had breast tenderness which quickly changed into nipple tenderness that was so bad, I'd nearly cry if my nipples got hard from the cold. Not good for a late October conception.

    Constipation and fatigue were bad but that was a little after 4 weeks for me, more like 5 or 6 weeks. I also had anxiety which I now believe to be the progesterone since the only other times I've experienced anxiety in my cycle was during cycles that I jump-started with progesterone pills.

  6. BOO that it turned out you were getting your period, my lovely. BOO BOO BOO. Meanwhile, for future reference, I thought I'd let you know that I definitely got stacks of period-pain-like cramps, but not right at the very very beginning. For me it started when I was already about 6-8 weeks preggers. And then it was about two months of feeling pre-menstrual pain all the time, which I had no idea would happen.

    For me, the first sign was not being able to deal with any strong smell whatsoever. And the tiredness. Being in San Fran made it tough, because I ended up sleeping all the time instead of doing anything productive, and you have one hell of a stinky city! haha. I was happy to be back in Zurich. ;)

    Sending you lots of love, and good vibes for your next cycle, my lovely. xxx