Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CD7 Update

Today is Cycle Day 7, and it will be my 6th night of stims.  This morning I had a monitoring appointment (good ol' poke and prod) with Dr. Tran.  We saw tons and tons of growing follicles.  I lost count, he was saying the numbers so fast, but there are about 5 that are over 11mm and there were about 20 total (give or take)!!!   Let's hope there are eggs maturing successfully inside their little sacs! (heh heh i said sacs).  My dream is that there will be plenty retrieved and plenty fertilized and plenty that look good at day 3 so that we can transfer 3 and freeze enough for a frozen cycle.  Maybe that's too much wishful thinking, but would sure be nice!

He's going to check my blood results when they come in and is likely to reduce my Follistim dose by half, so I would be on half the amount of stims they started me on, which would be nice.  Sadly they can't just eliminate the stupid stinging Menopur (SSM.  Just kidding - that's not a real acronym!) instead of also reducing the Follistim.  Oh wells.  I'm hoping reduction in Follistim will = reduction in my insane sleepiness.  Not holding my breath, though.

So, we're looking at a very likely Sunday night trigger (that's when I'll give myself the hCG shot) for a Tuesday (the 2nd) morning retrieval and a Friday (the 5th) transfer.  Next appointment is this Friday morning at 7:30am, so we'll still if we're still on schedule for that then.

Will keep y'all posted!


  1. wowsers. sounds like it's going really well... good luck over the weekend/early next week!