Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Box o' Drugs

I just used my credit card to pay for one cycle worth of IVF drugs.  The total was a very large number that did not quite hit the $5000 mark.  But it was close.  Hopefully our new insurance will reimburse us for much of this.  We just couldn't wait any longer to get the drugs ordered, and it was going to be another week or more before the insurance company could authorize things.  We will have authorization before we have to pay for the actual IVF, for which payment is due at the baseline ultrasound appointment which will be in the middle of September.

The drugs should arrive on Saturday between 9am and 2pm.  Ian will have to be home to receive them and 2 of them must go into the refrigerator.  When I travel to Ohio in a week I will have to bring refrigerated drugs (in a cooler of some sort) and needles onto the plane with me.  I've not done this before, although it's something I'm sure people with diabetes have dealt with often.  I've found a lot of information about what I need and how to do this on websites geared towards diabetics.

I will have to give myself injections every night for many weeks in a row, and for some portion of that time (to be determined by my blood draws and ultrasounds) I will be giving myself 2-3 injections every night.  I am not the most excited about this ever.  Sore belly much?

This is the list of drugs that should arrive on Saturday:
  • Follistim
  • Crinone (Progesterone)
  • Estrace (Estradiol)
  • HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)
  • Lupron
  • Medrol
  • Menopur
  • Valium (one tablet, I assume for either retrieval day or transfer day)
  • A whole shit ton (official measurement) of syringes and needles as well as a sharps container
And for Ian:
  • Cipro - 1 pill
Now I am just waiting for my period to start.  I am hoping it comes by Saturday because otherwise the whole schedule that was put together for me will have to be pushed back a week and all my appointments re-made.  It's such a pain - figuring out all these appointments and times I'll have to be away from work.  Luckily they seem to really save the first thing in the morning appointments for IVF people, so that's good in terms of work.  Unlike when I was doing IUI with the study and almost always had to go in at 1pm.  But, also, the doctors work by rotating weeks, and if the schedule I am on currently works out, I'll have my own beloved doctor for my first week of appointments, and Dr. Rosen, who I like and who shares my nurse with Dr. Tran, for the second.  If it gets pushed back I will miss having Dr. Tran and will have Dr. Rosen and ???.

Anyhow, if my migraine today is any indication, period should show her face soon.  Send me flowing vibes, I guess.


  1. Hey. They give me a lupron injection when I do chemo. We like sistas of the drugs. Good luck and good flowy vibes.

    1. Oh yeah, that makes sense! Lupron in IVF is technically an off-label use, although I think it is pretty much ALWAYS used. I have to take it daily for many weeks. I've heard it's not fun. DRUG SISTAS!!! xxoo

  2. Just wanted you to know we're thinking of you and I very clearly remember that big box of drugs. Sending you the good vibes!

    1. Thanks, Jessica. We really need to catch up with you guys one of these days. Am dying to meet your beautiful little one. xxoo