Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today I told a friend over lunch that I have pendulous gonads. She seemed amused, so I thought I'd tell you all too! Yeah, I've entered that day - I remember it well from last month - where I just feel a little overstuffed. Last month I had two giant follicles on one side. This time I have one on each side. So I'm hoping the discomfort will be less. Or at least it'll be spread out! I expect it to get worse over the next couple of days and then be relieved after my trigger shot.

As of this morning I've got a 15 and a 16 (follicle size). We need 'em to be 19. So I go back in Monday morning with the expectation that I'll trigger Monday night and have my IUI on Wednesday. My little guys seem to grow a little bit slower than the average of 2 mm per day. But they are still in the range of AOK fine in terms of timing. It just means that my trigger will happen on Day 14 of my cycle and my IUI on Day 16, which is a couple of days later than the average person.

I have this fear that my left side doesn't work. I have some irrational fears, but this one is relatively reasonable because we don't have proof that my left Fallopian Tube is open (the HSG showed it spasm, so we don't know for sure), I have this worry that it isn't. Which is why last month, when both my eggs came from the left side, I felt a little not great about it. So I'm really glad that ol' righty is kickin' in this month.... Just makes me feel better about my chances.

Fingers crossed etc.

Man, am I tired.