Thursday, April 5, 2012

on money and worrying about it

So, we just found out that our new insurance does not cover infertility. At all. None. Ian's work just switched health insurance carriers as of April 1st because this new plan is supposedly so much better. And I'm sure it is for most things. But we just went from having 80% of infertility treatments covered (with us paying a max of $3000 a year out of pocket before insurance would pay 100%) to having 0% covered. Not the meds, not the treatments, not the office visits, nothing.

I found this out and immediately looked up how much a cycle of IVF costs. In case you wondered - it's about $15,000. I just started crying. I couldn't help it/couldn't stop it. It's just so fucking stressful. And it sucks. And I'm fighting to not be crying now.

We are so lucky to be in this study. We have 3 more tries at IUI before we have to worry about this, and I am so so glad that we have the costs of those covered by the study. Otherwise this would be far more upsetting. But if this doesn't work, and we move forward, we're on our own.

Ian is so so good and has just told me to not worry. He says, in fact:

Ian: whatever - it'll work out

if we need IVF either we'll pay $15k or we'll get someone else to pay it

all this shit is super fucking stressful and stupid

me: i know.

like it's not stressful and stupid enough for me without the added money worry part.

Ian: don't worry about the money part - I'll take care of it

me: i feel so guilty about it, though.

i know you hate this shit.

Ian: I do hate this shit, but you've got the other shitty half of this process to deal with.

So, what can I do? Try not to be worried about what might happen if we need to move out of the study and onto other treatment. That's all I can do. I can't not worry. But I can *try* not to worry. Cause it might happen, and it might not, and it's not doing any good to stress about it now. But that definitely felt a bit like a blow to the gut. Of which I can only take so many before I'm down for the count. Ya know?


  1. Ugh. I hate healthcare in this country. I'm so sorry that you have to go through this with all the other stuff you have to go through. It really sucks. But hopefully in the end we will have a happy and healthy baby and it will all be worth it!

  2. Having our healthcare and family planning needs in the hands of insurance companies is just so very wrong. I'm very sorry you and Ian are caught in the middle. *hugs*

  3. yah I hear yah. I ihave to get a referral since we have HMO and the co pay is alot higher but it covers more so we pay more for more coverage. go fig. and the pills I get are brand so of course its the max cost. :( I don't want the healthcare thingee in the house to go through for stuff like this. That does suck. co.s save money at what cost for their co workers? What about your insurance through work, is that an option? Im starting think about stuff like that (babies, etc). I wonder how much they will cost for sonograms, etc.

  4. Ian sounds so loving. When he said he will handle the money end of it because you are dealing with the other stuff, let him. I know it's hard but just try to let him so you can remain as stress free as possible. haha easy for me to say, right? I love you and am sending positive vibes your way. I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this. Love, Aunt Marlene

  5. I have a good feeling you won't have to cross this bridge but if you do, care credit is an awesome option. We're almost done paying off all Audrey's surgery's (yes I know, much less than $15k but still...) at a totally liveable rate and never paid a dime in interest. So there are options...don't lose hope.

  6. oh no sharon! i was just telling someone today how awesome your insurance was that it was covering so much of that. damn. lets hope one of these next tries works! i know lots of people have come to india to do ivf.. could ian work remotely and you guys come here for a few months?? sending lots of love your way. xo