Wednesday, December 18, 2013

7dp3dt Check In

I don't have a lot to report.  I'm feeling pretty distracted.  Compared to some past cycles, I keep sort of just not thinking about the fact that there are embryos in there.  Life is pretty busy, so I'm sure that's part of why.  Busy time of year and stuff.

So far all my blood draws have been fine, so the G-CSF is not causing my white blood cell count to go too high.  That's good.  Next blood draw is Friday morning.  YAY BIRTHDAY BLOOD DRAW!  After three in one week, though, the week between the last and the next is feeling pretty blissful!  

If any of the embryos are still alive, they would have solidly implanted by now.  So, at this point it's sort of a done deal.  Either I am or I am not.  Either I will or will not.

The back shots suck as much as always.  I don't always cry, but I always want to.   The belly shots are sort of just fine.  I got some great advice and can easily get the sticky patch residue off my belly now with makeup remover.  Duh!  Should've thought of that one myself.


Here are the embryos.  Blobby little guys.  The doctor said they were quite pleased with the thaw and that "none of them had freezer burn".  HaHaHa?  I'm pretty sure that was a joke, but hard to tell sometimes with docs I don't know.

This next picture is here cause it makes me laugh.  For some reason the Valium had a much stronger effect on me than usual on transfer day.  A day later I found this picture on my phone and was like, "huh?  what's this?"  Ian informed me, with shock that I didn't remember, that I had taken it just before changing into my surgical garb in the changing room.  I don't remember what he said the reason was, but I think something about how tired/high I felt.  Well, yeah.  I look it!

OK.  Cool.  So you are updated.  Laters.


  1. I am pretty sure i know a full grown adult who had freezer burn as an embryo. At least, i think it would explain a lot.

  2. Sharon, sorry it took me so long to get to reading this. Now it is Friday night. And I know you know whether or not any implantation happened. Either way... It;s your birthday!!!!! I hope that you can be happy for this or any number of other reasons on your special day. It is your day!!!! Huge hugs, girl. See you Sunday. I got Nova two Hannukah books from our library. I will make sure to read them tonight and tomorrow so she knows what all those latkas are about. Again.... HBD. You are loved.

  3. Just contrasting this photo of you with the current one :)

    1. Haha...well I look less crazy in this one! ;)