Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It Hurt

In case you wondered, it hurt.  Like a lot.  Just ask Ian how his hand felt from my squeezing it.  It hurt more than I think anything else I've had to do so far.  Suctioning out bits of my uterine lining, it turns out, is not pleasant.  #shocking

On the plus side, I was surprised when Dr. Pittenger, my amazing doctor from my IUIs through the study, ended up popping in to do the biopsy.  I love her a lot, and it was really good to see her. Also, I was feeling sorry for myself that I was getting some random doctor I'd never even met before to do something scary to me when she walked in the door and crossed his name off and wrote hers in.  YAY!  She does not lie to me.  She told me to sing happy birthday to myself and it would be over in that time.  It was.  She told me it would hurt.  It did.

Results in a week or two.

(PS I did a Google Image search of "endometrial biopsy" so I could add a picture to this post, but looking at those drawings sort of made me want to cry.  It's like just seeing it made it hurt again.  Ick.)

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