Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

I got my period while wandering around Disneyland by myself yesterday, about 24 hours after I had already heard from my doctor that my pregnancy test was negative, which was a few hours after I had taken a home pregnancy test and saw the negative result which was 3 days after I had taken an early home pregnancy test (so Ian could be with me) and gotten a negative result.

Is it any wonder that I just don't believe I'll ever see a positive one?

Anyhow.  I didn't take it well any of those times I got the same news in the last couple of days.  This was my last try at IUI.  Things get way more intense from here on out.

And to add insult to injury - I have to take another home pregnancy test before my saline ultrasound, just to be super duper sure.  Can't wait to see another minus sign or "not pregnant" pop up!  Fun fun!

Thanks to my friends who were nice to me while I was going through this while attending a conference and away from the husband.  And also, I cried in front of people.  Which is some sort of a major breakthrough, I'm sure.  


  1. :( yes, I reckon it's some kind of major breakthrough for sure. You are one hell of a tough cookie, Sharon. Virtual hugs suck but I want to give you a thousand anyway. Xxx