Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Third time's the charm?

The first two weeks of this cycle has sped by.  I've only had 3 poke/prod appointments, and two were on Sundays and one this morning on my late work day, so I didn't have to worry about missing tons of work.   Anyhow, as of this morning I've got a follicle of 21mm on the right side, so we're good to go.  Triggering tonight.  IUI on Thursday.  Come on, righty!  I always feel better about righty than lefty.  Just because.

Ian is going to LA for work tonight.  Was supposed to be there until Thursday night, but he's changed his flights to come back tomorrow night instead so as to provide the required man juice for inseminating me (and to accompany me to said inseminating).

The second two weeks of the cycle are so much less pleasant than the first.  Oh Two Week Wait, I write to you a painful ode of torture.  But in the meantime, I get to inject myself tonight, and that's always fun, right?

I'm also gonna start acupuncture.  Who knows if it really does any good, but it certainly does no harm.  And worst case, I figure it'll relax me.  While costing me more money and taking more time, cause pretty much I love doing nothing but going to appointments.  I'm gonna go see this lady.  I also gave up coffee.  Because I just want to know that however this all turns out, I did whatever I could do to make it work.  Oh sweet sweet coffee, I mourn you daily.




  1. I slowly weaned myself off coffee when we were trying to get pregnant at the end of last year and have been coffee-free since January 2nd. You know what's weird? I totally don't miss it! But I do still drink decaf. I guess the part I don't miss is the caffeine, which I never thought would be possible. You'll start feeling normal w/o it in no time. :)

    Sending you good vibes, as always love!

  2. I got acupuncture the day before I had the embryos transferred and hours after the actual transfer. This is what my acupuncturist recommended, maybe yours will, too. It made me feel better mostly because I've been going to her for a while (for pain relief mostly and also because if I see her I get to take a nap in the middle of the day) and because she has a really calming influence on me. That two week wait really is a bear. I hope you can take some time for yourself and really relax and enjoy life. Good luck!

  3. Cool that Ian can come home early.

    YAY for no coffee!!!! I was coffee free for six months in the 3 month lead-up to getting preggers and then for the first three months... then I started my intensive German lessons again and GEEZ impossible. I only had one every two days though... so I feel for you!

    Like Ali said, I find that if I have a decaf, it tricks me just fine. Most of the time. :) Otherwise just eat some chocky ;)