Thursday, January 26, 2012

For Science

Well, our appointment yesterday went well. We filled out humongous questionnaires about everything from snoring and sleep habits to sexual satisfaction to depression levels. We each gave blood (2 vials for Ian, 8 for me (my record!)), and I had a physical exam. All of this was stuff that was needed for the study - extra stuff above and beyond what we would have done with the normal practice. Some of it is just to quadruple ensure that I qualify for the study and am healthy and much of it is stuff that they can use for further research and to make connections between infertility and a lot of other things in the future.

Ian and I both agreed to let them take extra blood for a variety of different storage locations to potentially use later. Ian also agreed to give extra man-juice (ewwwww). They had to look at me physically for all kinds of things - how much acne I have, and hair... All stuff that can potentially later be connected to other things - how I react to drugs? Who even knows. Medical studies are awesome!

So, anyhow. Ian and I were already signed up for the IUI Orientation on February 6th. So, we'll be able to complete everything else at that time. He'll give his sample, I'll give two more vials of blood, and we'll get oriented. Then, next cycle, we're good to go! I call them on day 1 and come in on day 2. I start taking drugs and it goes from there.

With the way the timing looks, I'm guessing early March for actual first attempt at IUI. If successful, I'll have a Thanksgiving baby. If not, we'll try try again!

So, anyhow. The study. The short version is as follows:

I will be taking one of three drugs that help with fertility. Had I not been a part of the study, I would be taking Chlomid. With the study, the three choices are:
  • Chlomid
  • Letrozole
  • Menopur
They are looking at the effectiveness of each of these drugs in treating infertility as well as at the incidences of multiples with each. They are hoping to find that Letrozole has the same or higher level of success, but with fewer incidences of multiples, and for this study to be a step on the path to that drug gaining FDA approval for this use (infertility). It is a semi-blind study, and random. So a computer will randomly assign me one of the drugs. If it is the Menopur, we will know because that drug is administered through a shot, so instead of getting pills, we'll be getting the tools to inject me at home. If it is Chlomid or Letrozole, neither I, nor the doctors, will know which until the completion of the study. In any case, any of these drugs should help me get pregnant with IUI. Hopefully with just one baby. Or ya know...two babies could be cool too. Or more?

Ummm...that's a topic for another blog post.

Anyhow. If you are super stupid nerdy like me, you can find the full details of the study here.

Once I'm in a cycle - so, starting in February - there are 8 visits to the clinic for me per cycle (1 for Ian). That's per 28ish day menstrual cycle. So like 2x per week. So I'm going to enjoy this week and a half away from UCSF, starting with a jaunt to New Jersey for my cousin's daughter's Bat Mitzvah this weekend (YAY ALYSSA!). But don't get too excited thinking it's an entirely doctor free week and a half. Oh no! Big Mammogram Appointment is on Monday! Boob squishin' time!!! I can't remember my last actual week without a blood draw, dr visit, test or something. Sigh. I guess I should get used to it!

At least I get to see these punims in the meantime!



  1. I've just caught up on all of this and want you to know that I am cheerleading my ass off over here for you two. It's so generous of you to share the experience, and I'm totally pulling for you to get preggers with quintuplets. Hang tough, my love. I'll see you tomorrow at Penn Station. xo Kate

  2. Well I I've officially read everything and feel up to date! Whew. As someone that was an actual cheerleader I'm ready to get the pom pons back out for you. I will be following along the way and know I'm thinking of you every step even though I'm on the other side of the world. I only wish I could be there to hangout with you in between blood samples or at least go see a movie with. Lots of love,

    1. it is just not the same - eating leftover chicken fingers in a movie theater without you. thanks for all the support, mary-kate. xxoo

  3. hi sharon! i just got all caught up and i am so excited for you. i'm so glad you found this study! what an amazing opportunity. and you are being so wonderfully positive -- you are going to be the best mom ever. i can't wait to hear more! love, danielle (pixie)

    1. awwww, thanks! i am so glad you are reading this. lots of love. xxoo

  4. How exciting -- and how brave you are! While I was certainly never a cheerleader in high school, I am totally rooting for you and Ian and the future Shian.

    Also, #23 is my favorite of the exclusion criteria:
    "Couples in which either partner is legally married to someone else."


  5. Thanks, everyone, for all of the support! xxoo

  6. Oh, sorry, that last comment was from me (Meredith)!

    1. oh yay! hi! it's nice to see your pretty face here! xxoo

  7. holy cats thats alot to go through for infertility. hope you have a thanksgiving baby, then you will be very thankful(HAHA).

    (btw this is whitechii from LJ, so I don't look like a creepy stalker) :)