Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last couple of posts. I've been out of town for most of the last week and haven't replied to much, but each of those comments gave me a little smile when I saw them come in. I returned from Dallas last night and I'm leaving tomorrow for New Jersey for the weekend.

But I'm off to UCSF for my first big appointment with The Study. Ian and I each have to sign 15-page consent forms and they have to do a lot of tests on me. The appointment is supposed to take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours or so. It is day 2 of my cycle, which means they can do 90% of the tests they need to do on me. Then when we are back there for our IUI Orientation in a couple of weeks, they can do the rest. So, I am looking forward to things happening fast.

I don't feel nervous today. I imagine I'll be giving a lot of blood and receiving a lot of information. I don't mind either of these things (although one I like more than the other). I also will be meeting the doctors who run the study as well as Gloria, the woman I've spoken to on the phone about this all. We're pretty sure this isn't a masturbating visit for Ian. Heh. Gross.

I will try to post this afternoon/evening and tell you more about the study, since I expect I'll understand it even better and have way more information. And I can also let you know how the appointment went. In the meantime, we're getting moving, and I'm nervous and excited and ready.

Also, I woke up to a text this morning from a lovely amazing dear friend wishing me luck and employing the title of an awesome 80s song/movie. I didn't even know she was paying that much attention to this all (I mean, enough to realize it was today). She's a non-facebook user, even! I just have to say how much that meant to me. I don't know that my family, far away across the country, is paying that much attention. So thank you, love, for that.

Talk to you all, later.


  1. That's awesome that it's all moving forward quickly! What fortunate timing.

  2. Yay! doing studies is SOOO fun (in a lots of forms are actually fun to fill out for nerds like us kind of way).

  3. It sounds great! Good luck!!!!!! *sends happy vibes your way!