Wednesday, January 8, 2014


All is well, so far, everyone.  Thanks for all your support.  The comments directly on the blog and on Facbeook, as well as the texts and phone calls I received really made me feel better.

We are, so far, so good!  We have a 5mm embryo with a 120 heart rate!  Obviously not out of the water yet, but each step is a step in the right direction.  Next ultrasound 2 weeks from today, in the afternoon.  

Dr. Tran saw a small hematoma which explains the spotting, and isn't a cause for concern.  

I'm at work, so I'm not going to do a big long post, I just wanted to update everyone, as I know people have been thinking about me this morning!  

Here the tiny creature is!    Yeah, it's that little speck.  Were you expecting something more??  ;) 


  1. Keep on growing. Lots of love surrounding you.

  2. Can you see the fluttering heartbeat at this point? I remember we saw mine at 7 weeks 6 days... but that's another 2 weeks almost I think.
    Just curious.

    Very excited for you. And relieved about the spotting!

    Love looking at this:
    Baby is the size of a sweet pea at 6 weeks :)

  3. Whee, isn't that the most wonderful little photo of a little blob!

    I've been so curious to ask... I know that for so long you were trying to spot early pregnancy symptoms. This time, did it really feel different for you?

    So much love. xx

    1. Good question. So, we tested a couple of days earlier this cycle because of Christmas, so I wasn't thinking about it quite as much. I had light cramping - pretty much the same as always. I didn't get my tell-tale migraine, but it would've come a day or two after I tested because of the early testing. I also really didn't think there was a chance I would have a positive test.... So, no. It didn't feel different at all before I tested.

      Once I tested, though, it did. The migraine didn't come, for starters, and my cramps didn't get worse. Within a week fatigue hit, and breast pain like I'd never experienced before. I now feel like it feels SO different to be pregnant than to not be pregnant, but those symptoms didn't kick in before test time, really - just soon after.