Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So Much to Say, So Little Written

I have so so much to say, and have not written any of it here.  Believe me, I've started, and I'm sorry for those who care and are waiting.  I've started posts about the following:
  • Trauma and PTSD and Infertility and how I am feeling re: further treatments, my body, my emotions etc.  Our plans and why.  
  • Adoption Thoughts - What we are doing right now, where we are, our basic thoughts/plans
  • Adoption and Morals/Ethics - This is more about what I'm discovering and thinking about re: adoption and less about the who what where why when how
So, keep an eye out and I'll try to get some time to get them written.  We're heading out of town for a weekend of much needed relaxation time with awesome friends and the next weekend my parents are visiting, and work has been busy, as has life.

In general, though, I'm feeling mostly positive about the future.  I'm also mostly feeling, which is a contrast to the mostly not feeling I've been doing lately.  For better or worse.

More soon.  <3 you all.  

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  1. Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend, lovely lady. xx