Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some Relevant Things

Thought I'd just take a minute to share some things.
  • We found out the that our insurance is unexpectedly covering the costs of our meds for this last cycle, including the G-CSF.  Thank you very much, I will take those thousands of dollars back into my pocket (for like 2 seconds until I just give them to someone else).  Meds arrived today.  Injections don't start for a couple of weeks.  
  • Last week we went to this event.  Previous to that, I had spoken on the phone to the woman who works with expectant and birth mothers with that agency (who graduated from college with a friend of mine) and I met her that evening.  We had the opportunity to really talk to some birth mothers, as well as to more adoptive parents.  I got to meet Lori Lavender Luz, and I can not wait to read her book.  Her talk was incredible inspiring.
  • Then on Saturday we went to the orientation for that agency.  We got the homestudy paperwork, and are planning to get started on it, but we are attending one more orientation at a different agency in a couple of weeks, and want to be sure first.  We feel really good about these guys though.
  • We have met with more adoptive parents, and plan to meet with even more - people keep coming out of the woodwork and they are all amazing, warm, open and helpful.  
  • I know I have another FET and I even know that there's a chance it will work, but I also know that I will be OK if it doesn't, because I keep sitting in these rooms with my heart beating out of my chest with excitement over this potential way of becoming a family.
  • I'm reading a lot.  I'll share a reading list when I've gotten through more of these books/blogs/etc.
  • I've got my calendar for the FET.  It looks like this: 


  1. It was great to meet you an the mister last week! Wishing you well as you proceed on either/both paths...

  2. hi, met you briefly after lori's workshop. just wanted to wish you well down as you tread both paths!

    1. Thank you so much! It was really nice to meet you! <3