Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I'm not in the mood to write really - have been away from the computer all day and just want to read some stuff and watch some tv and go to bed.  But for those who are waiting for news, I just want to report that it is not good and this cycle was not successful. I had a negative home pregnancy test last night, confirmed by blood test today. I'm really not wanting to talk about it at this second.  I'll come back and say more when I feel like it.

As I posted on Instagram:

Another month. Another needle in my arm.  Another negative result.

I'm OK, guys. So, don't worry. I just need some time.


  1. I'm super sorry, my love. I'm sending you love and hugs from New York.

  2. :\ thinking of you, sharon....

  3. Not sure if you read this article, but I thought it was well written: