Saturday, March 23, 2013


Just wanted to give a quick update, as I haven't had a chance to tell you how the transfer went.  So, two of our embryos survived to day 5, and we transferred them both.  One of them was a blastocyst, which is ideal for a 5-day old embryo, and the other was a morula, so a little behind, but still growing and doing ok.  The remaining four embryos did not survive to day 5, so these are our last two.  They are "up in there" now, hopefully all cozy and settling in.

I'm feeling pretty tender.  My back is tender (although I do think our new regimen is working better than our last regimen for keeping the buildup of fluid and thus soreness at bay a bit).  My belly is tender (my uterus, I guess?).  Tender is also probably the best way to describe my emotions.  So, that's sort of that.  Tender we go, treading delicately.

Here they are.  We've named them Lebohang (on the left) and Lance Blast (on the right).  If they become real humans someday, these names will not stick.

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